Distinctive Student Life

What makes Promise (PPA) different? Promise is unique in many ways: Because they have a longer day and a shorter week they give me many options for each Friday. They offer me more time to work my job. I can go on the school field trips. I can participate in community service. I can get involved in the entrepreneur program. I can get involved with Beta and NHS Clubs. I can attend youth groups on Friday night on the PPA campus or at my local church. Next, PPA doesn’t overwhelm me with busy work. If I have homework, which we do, it has a purpose. The classroom work is from a Christian publisher and benefits me not just by filling a rigor, but also trains me in skills I will need for college. One thing I have particularly enjoyed is sitting at the school piano with a group of students and us singing worship as our voices echo to the second floor of the school. I never imagined a school where they made you feel like family. They don’t just talk about God and His love, they actually demonstrate it to me. From the day I enrolled, I was appreciated, loved, valued, and my talents were used to build my confidence. This helped me see my purpose now, not just in the future. I came from another Christian School in east Atlanta and can tell you, that PPA isn’t just unique. It is what the body of Christ should look like. At my previous school no one ever sat down with me and talked with me about my dreams, what my purpose in life was and my relationship with God could be. Three years meant a lot of opportunities for someone else to invest in me. Within just a short time that I have been attending PPA, I have experienced God’s presence, His love and have been prayed for multiple times. I have known the unconditional love of the PPA teachers and the PPA principal. “You are what you do, not what you say you will do.” PPA makes school an adventure. They are genuine. You can easily find your niche. You can see that you are loved and accepted. You can see and feel that they care about your future. They invest. They respect. They train. They build. They believe in me as a student. Finally, PPA makes an amazing family of diverse cultures come together in unity. JL (Class of 2021)