Promise Preparatory Academy

At A Glance

  1. We are family. At PPA we provide an education that puts children’s cognitive,
    emotional, social, and spiritual needs at the forefront. The four-day week
    promotes that family and academic on hands training.
  2. We challenge students academically, discipling them spiritually and helping
    them to discover their God-given purpose. PPA offers three tracks for students to
    participate in each year.
  3. Homeschool students – Two programs are offered for them: Zoom
    classes with our school textbooks, lessons, and teacher
    instructions. And our online program where students log in daily
    M-F and take advanced classes for honors credit.
  4. Mainstream classes – Grade level classes with small class sizes.
  5. Advanced Placement (AP) – Students doing Honors, Advanced
    Placement, and dual enrollment.
  6. We plant seeds of faith, truth and teach character from the Biblical perspective.
    Teaching students a Biblical world view to prepare their today and tomorrow.
  7. We cultivate a family. PPA is and feels like a family. We cultivate faith, support,
    respect, love, and honor for one another. PPA offers small class sizes where
    students are seen and known. Students grow together through various
    programs, opportunities, athletics, chapels, outreaches, PPA Advance
    and connecting events.
  8. We teach leadership training and career paths. Helping students understand
    their gifts, talents, and abilities with a passion brings them closer to discovering
    who God created them to be.
  9. We provide college counseling with 100% graduation rate and 100% college
    acceptance. Our LPC school counselor has helped hundreds of students obtain
    millions in scholarship for academic success. Students have earned the Zell
    Miller Scholarship and the HOPE Scholarship. The Dual Enrollment program
    continues to provide dual enrollment courses acquiring college credit through a
    variety of colleges in Georgia.
  10. We provide a safe campus that abides by the GA standards of SACS for safe
    routine reporting and guidelines. We provide fencing and extensive security
    cameras. We use cutting edge protocols that utilize policies and procedures that
    balance protection with proactive community interaction and prevention. All
    visitors sign in through the school office to enter the secured buildings. All
    visitors must have a photo with a driver’s license to enter the campus and a copy
    will be kept on file. All volunteers must pass a background check to interact with
  11. Our students express an appreciation for diverse cultures and thrive through
    opportunities to connect with others around the world. PPA also offers an
    international student program, offering housing and a family atmosphere for
    students. Our students are taught to think of others, purpose, respect, support,
    and family.
  12. The direct administrator (Head of School) who is the CEO is the authority at PPA
    on a day to day basis. Within the school, the Principal is the decision maker,
    under the authority of the Head of school and ultimately receives advice from
    the school board of advisors and investors. The CEO is the final authority at PPA
    and is ultimately responsible to the Lord Jesus Christ.
  13. Our full-time program of study is Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 4 pm.
    Students may participate in the Friday enrichment, fieldtrips, entrepreneur
    programs, and community outreach opportunities. Ministry in training, Beta
    Club, Dance team, Drama team and National Honor Society meet periodically on
    Diplomas PPA Offers:
    General Diploma – Students take main classes with grade level courses. 22 credits minimum
    4 Math
    4 English
    4 Science
    4 History –
    1 PE
    1 Fine Art
    ½ Health
    2 Foreign Language
    ½ Financial Math
    1 Bible per year enrolled
    College Prep. Diploma – Students take honors, AP and Dual Enrollment with higher Sciences
    and Math classes. 25 credits minimum
    5 Math: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, College Math
    4 English
    5 Science: Biology, Anatomy, Chemistry, Physical Science, Earth Systems or Physics
    4 History: World Geography, World History, US History, American Gov., and Economics
    1 PE
    2 Fine Art: Art 1, Art 2, Music 1, Music Theory or chorus
    ½ Health
    2 Foreign Language: Any two languages at level one and two consecutively
    ½ Financial Math
    1 Bible per year enrolled
    Students graduating with honors have been active in the NHS or Beta Club with a College Prep. Diploma track.