Code of Conduct

Promise Preparatory Academy – School Code of Conduct 2020-2021
The following are expected rules that every student at PPA, no matter their age or grade level, are to obey and follow. Not following
the rules in the code of conduct and the school handbook are grounds for detention and/or expulsion. Should a student be expelled
for any of these reasons or any reason that violates the school’s handbook, the tuition and any fees paid are non-refundable and all
tuition is still due until the full time of the yearly contract at the end of May.

  1. All students will practice honesty in their conversation and their classwork. Cheating is dishonest and is lying to the teacher
    about your work.
    a. Students are not cheat in any classes or online classes.
    b. Students are not to plagiarize someone else’s work. Make sure to cite your work.
    i. Students who violate the cheating policy will be dropped from the online program and are not eligible for
    dual enrollment or ignatia classes.
    ii. Any failed classes in dual enrollment or GA Virtual School will be recorded on the transcripts and the
    student is not eligible for continuing the on-line programs.
    iii. Any student who fails any PPA class will not be able to take a college class on-line from the dual
    enrollment program.
    iv. Students who cheat or enable cheating will be held accountable according to the PPA handbook.
  2. Students will not use profanity or foul language on campus or at any school event.
    a. This includes profanity in their native language.
    b. This includes afterschool and sports or school events.
  3. Male students will not wear earrings to school or to any school event.
    a. Male students are to wear male clothing.
    b. Male students are not to wear colored fingernail polish.
  4. Dress Code: Students will not dress immodest at school. (see the handbook for details)
    a. Boys are to dress like boys and girls like girls.
    b. Skirts will be required to be no shorter than 2” length above the knee.
    c. Shorts are to be below the fingertips.
    d. Tight jeans, yoga pants, or blue jeans with holes and tight pants are not acceptable. Jeans are to be black or blue
    with normal tapered fit, but not tight.
    e. Shirts must have a collar. No shirts with profane or unacceptable language.
    f. Shoes include: Boots, tennis shoes, flat dress shoes, sandals with straps on the back of the foot. No crocks or flip
    g. No t-shirts, no low-cut blouses, or polos.
    h. Students out of dress code will be asked to change for the day. Parents may be called to assist with dress code
    i. Dress code is checked daily.
    j. Students out of dress code will receive a write up and a detention. (Detentions cost $10 per detention.
    k. Habitual dress code problems will result in a meeting with the Head of School and parents with the student.
  5. Cell phones are to be turned into the school office at the start of the day. We will confiscate cellphones not turned into the
    office and may keep it 24 hours in the school office. Only students with a medical necessity will keep a phone from 8-4.
    Students may keep their phones on field trips and class trips.
  6. From 8:00 to 4:00 all students are not to be on social media, watching videos, playing games on their iPads, laptop or
    computer, and no viral videos. (the iPad, laptop or computer can be confiscated from a minimum or 24 hours in the school
    office.) If a phone or electronic devise is confiscated, the student may lose it for a longer period and the parent or guardian
    must pick up the device from the school office. Students may use electronics prior to school and during after school hours.
    All games, videos, movies, etc. are to be age appropriate, non-violent, and not contain profanity or nudity. No electronics
    are to be taken into the restrooms. We reserve the right to check all backpacks, bags, electronics personal and /or school
    usage. All video games, and Switch items are to be left at home and not come to school.
  7. Students are not to smoke or vape. We reserve the right to check all student’s personal bags, backpacks, clothing, and
    vehicle on school property if we suspect or have a report of any substance not limited to tobacco, vaping, drugs, etc. on
    school property. See the handbook for consequences.
  8. Students who drive on campus must park in the front of the school in student parking. They are not to leave campus with
    our written permission from a parent/guardian; this includes lunch for all students over 16 and driving. Any student leaving
    for lunch with another student must also have written permission to ride with another student. PPA and Chrysalis do not
    take liability for students driving or riding with other student drivers. No student is to ride in the trunk of a vehicle or the
    bed of a truck. Student drivers must give proof of insurance and a copy of their driver’s license to the school office. Students
    are not to drive above 10 MPH on campus.
  9. We encourage students to eat on campus, but students who have a note on file from grades 10th through 12th may choose
    to eat off campus for lunch (not snack). Note, three tardies upon the return of lunch means the loss of this privilege for the
  10. Students are not to do drugs or consume alcohol on or off campus. They are not to sell any of these products. (This can
    result in immediate expulsion).
  11. Students in grades 11th and 12th are discouraged from having a boyfriend or girlfriend. Students is grades 5th through 10th
    are not allowed to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. We encourage students to focus on academics.
    a. No public display of affection.
    b. Students are not to have an inappropriate relation with other students.
    c. Students are not to be involved in sexual activity include, but not limited to sex, sexting, pornography, or
    solicitation of sex.
    d. Students are not to send photos of themselves or others in social media or by any means to others.
  12. Students are not to taunt, bully or use racial remarks. This includes physical or verbal abuse language.
    a. Students are not to hit, push, kick, or make any inappropriate contact with fellow students.
    b. No students are to intimidate others by threats or name-calling. This includes face-to-face, phone, or online
    c. Students are not to take things that do not belong to them. Do not seal or take things without permission.
    d. Students are not allowed to miss beyond 10 days per semester of school; this includes absent excused or
    i. Students with an i20 are only allowed 3 days consecutive missed days before the student is dismissed.
    ii. Bring a doctor’s note if you are absent and notify the office if you are out sick.
    iii. If you have been exposed to a virus, including Covid19, please do not attend school. Call the office if this
    applies to you and notify the principal.
    iv. Get all make-up work immediately and return it completed on time.
    v. Should you need to miss school for the reason of a medical situation, you will need to notify the principal.
  13. Students who wish to leave campus for lunch must be a junior or senior and 16 or older.
    a. Written permission from the parent or guardian is required to leave campus.
    b. Students must not return tardy from lunch. Loss of this privilege will occur after 3 tardies.
    c. Students must sign in and out at lunch.
    d. In order to ride with a driver or walk to the store, a written permission note must be in the office.
    e. While at lunch, the following things are prohibited, but not limited to, smoking, vaping, earrings for boys, fighting,
    uber, sexual activities or profanity.
    f. PPA is not responsible for you if you leave campus.
  14. Students may not arrange their own homestay if they are on our I 20 program. They must go through the school
    International office for housing or moving homestay housing. Those who do not follow the PPA rules on homestay, will be
    removed from the unapproved home and placed in our approved home program. International students must follow the
    homestay contract which is signed yearly.
  15. International students may not have a job outside of school campus. Tis is the US law. Those seeking a job must get the
    PDSO or DSO approval with the letter of approval for extenuating circumstance.
  16. Students are to be kind to others in actions and words. This includes on campus, in classes, at lunch and off campus.
  17. Students may not change lockers. They may not use other student’s lockers for items. Only combination locks are used at
  18. Students are to know the school handbook for specific questions on rules and guidelines.
  19. Friday detentions are for 2 hours and cost $30
  20. Students who are dismissed for not following the code of conduct and/or the PPA Handbook, (Students parents) are still
    liable for the school tuition and fees for the entire year.
    Student Printed name: _________________ Student signature: ____________________ Date: __
    All discipline issues are subject to administrative review and action regardless of whether the particular issue is addressed on this list
    or not.